Career Options in the field of Glamour & Grooming.

A few years back our approach towards a makeover was quite limited to facial massages, spa, haircut and makeup at a salon on very special occasions. But with the change in our lifestyle today the scenario has completely changed when it comes to makeup and styling. Today, career opportunity for a makeup artist and styling professional is not just limited to spa and salon. Makeup is a very much a necessity be it for a corporate dinner, cocktail party, wedding (both your own and friends), photo shoot etc. With the growing demand for makeup and makeover increasing with each passing day. There is a wide range of career prospects to choose from.  And with the opening of new institutes and academy for makeup and styling, it has become easier than before to hone your skills and make your passion your profession. All you need to have is the love and passion for Styling and Makeup.

Here are a few career options you can opt for if you are interested in joining the glamour and grooming world –

  1. Makeup Artist – Be it a wedding or a party, a proper makeover is today a necessity. And no one can do it better than a professional makeup artist. Proper application of makeup is an integral part when it comes to styling and makeover. So, if you have a knack for grooming and love to make their everyday special by adding that extra touch of glamour to people’s beauty than Makeup artistry might be your calling. You can get to learn all about makeup from basic to professional from any of today’s best makeup institute. After a certified course you can either work in salon or for a beauty brand & celebrity. You can also start freelancing for clients and keep yourself updated on the latest makeup tips and trends.
  2. Hairstylist – Almost everyone we know is very particular about their hair. Be it the haircut, colour or styling, therefore the search for a good hairstylist is never ending. This demand can be used to the advantage if you get a professional training in hair-styling and make it your profession. A good hairstylist can offer a wide range of services from haircut, colouring, smoothening, spa, styling etc. You can also upgrade your skills by learning the updated hair treatments and techniques from a certified training studio and offer your clients advice on hair treatment along with the regular services. An added touch with a good hairstyle will make both you and your client happy.
  3. Skincare Experts – A good and clear skin is a blessing in disguise. But to have this blessing is quite impossible keeping in mind today’s lifestyle and food habits. And that is when we all want a skincare expert in our lives, who can advise us on the various skin care regimes and warn us about the dos and don’ts when it comes to skin care. A skincare expert provides everything from facial massage to spa treatments to pigmentation & anti-ageing treatments. As a Skincare expert you can either work in a spa/salon or as a skincare consultant for a celebrity or professional.
  4. Nail Artist – Nail care is much more than just nail paint and manicure. There is a wide range of treatment and services that a nail artist can offer to make your nails look beautiful. Nail Art toady is just another form of accessory that people match with their outfit and stand out in the crowd. There is wide range of services like Nail Treatment, Gel Extension, Acrylic Nail Extension, cut, file, polish etc. that you can learn and gain expertise in.
  5. Beauty Therapist – A Beauty Therapist is a combination of all the above and they are usually trained in most of all the services offered in a Beauty Salon. You can visit a Beauty Therapist and get a complete makeover from makeup to haircut to nail art to styling. Become a Beauty Therapist and you can open a Beauty Salon of your own and cater to all the beauty needs of your clients.

SIMS- Sivasagar Institute of Makeup and Styling brings you the perfect platform to learn Makeup and Styling straight from the experts. One of the best makeup institute in Assam, SIMS offers a wide range of Makeup and Styling courses, starting from 1-month basis certificate course to 3 months basis certificate course to 6 months professional certificate course. The courses include nude makeup, bridal makeup, high fashion makeup, hair styling and draping. One of the top makeup academy in Assam, SIMS will help you to brush up your styling skills and guide you to start a career in Makeup and Styling. Now, turn your passion into profession and get yourself enrolled today at SIMS, a top makeup college in Assam

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