Bridal Make-up Tips

Weddings are a grand affair in your country and the most important person is the Bride. There is always this pressure of looking The Best at your own wedding. And why be not, after all every eye is on the Bride. Arre bhai Dulhan kaha hai? Chehra toh dikhao and all… So, we all want that one look that will set us apart from the rest of the crowd.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the look of your dreams for your wedding.

  1. Cleansing – now this should be followed by everyone but a must for a ‘To be Bride’. Cleanse your face to get rid of the dirt and oil that gets accumulated and block our pours.
  2. Moisturizing – apply a good moisturizer or face cream that will give your face a proper base and keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Foundation – get the correct shade of foundation that matches your skin tone.
  4. Eyes – when it comes to eye makeup the colour of your eyeshadow matters a lot especially for bridal makeup. Because it is the eyes that enhances the complete look. Brides usually go for golden eyeshadows, but we can also try shades that matches your outfit and be a little experimentative. Also, a good mascara is much needed when to make your lashes look thick and long.
  5. Care for Eyes – first relax and get a good sleep the night before the wedding. A beauty sleep is a must for a bride. And if you still wake up with puffy eyes you can use chamomile teabags over your eyes to reduce the puffiness and keep a concealer in handy for all your last-minute woes. Also, if you are into glasses than you might like to try lenses for your wedding day and if yes, then we suggest you start using them a few months prior to your wedding to get accustomed with it. Also, make sure to wear the lenses before the application of the eye makeup.
  6. Lips – select the lip colours that goes with your skin tone as well as your outfit. Also, get a variant of colours like light shade for the day and a little shimmery and dark for the night. To get fuller lips use a lip liner of your skin colour and line your lips well before applying your lip colour.  
  7. Lip Care – use a lip balm or butter every time you feel your lips dry; we need to take extra care specially if it is winters. Start applying organic coconut oil before bedtime. This will make your lips soft and pink in no time.
  8. Hairstyle – there are a range of hairstyles from buns to half open tresses. Also, select the flowers and bun pins that you would like to use in advance.
  9. Hair Care – don’t forget about your tresses, it is an equally important part of the whole bridal makeup. Go for oil massages, hair spas and deep conditioning hair mask twice a week for at least three months before the wedding.   If you are apprehensive to use new products, then you can always go for homemade hair packs to bring back and retain the luster of your hair.
  10. The Outfit – this is something you need to decide well in advance, because everything related to your make up will revolve around the design and colour of your outfit. It is even better to share the picture of the outfit with your make up artists, so that they get to decide the kind of make up you would be needing to match your outfit.

And last but not the least don’t forget to wear that beautiful Smile of yours. Happy Wedding!

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